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GrandLine Studios is an innovative and ambitious developer specialising in Virtual Reality and Mobile. We’re based in West London and were founded by Habib Niazi and Edward Walton.

Our name was inspired by the infamous manga One Piece, which shares many parallels with our own adventures starting the company and building our team. We're focused on exploring new technology, industries and creating fun, simple and entertaining experiences for our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering world-class games and services.

We have a number of VR games and experiences in development, as well as a variety of fun 2D mobile games. We continue to grow and expand the company; we’re always looking for highly skilled and talented people to join us on this adventure.


What we offer


Virtual Reality

We can produce VR content and games that span both entertainment and commercial applications. We also provide technical consultancy and user testing.



We can design, prototype and create quality 2d and 3d mobile games, for both ios and android platforms. We can also provide consulting on game design and market analysis.



We pride ourselves in our ability to help and deliver quality solutions for our customers, we offer a variety of services and support for people looking to develop VR and Mobile content. We're always available to discuss your project requirements with you.

As well as producing our own games and products, we like to collaborate and work with other companies and individuals, helping them to realise their vision.

Whether you’re a big corporate company looking for a simple game to interact with your audience, or an individual who thinks they've discovered the next big thing in mobile gaming, we’re ready and waiting to help you.


Work for us

We're always looking for highly talented and skilled individuals to join our growing team.

If you feel like you would be a good match for our company, please send your cv and showreel to jobs@grandlinestudios.com


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